change tack

Change tack
If you change tack, you use a different method for dealing with something.

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  • change tack — To change course, take a new direction • • • Main Entry: ↑tack …   Useful english dictionary

  • change tack — to start using a different method for dealing with a situation, especially in the way that you communicate. I ve been very pleasant with them so far but if they don t cooperate, I may have to change tack. Instead of always asking him what he… …   New idioms dictionary

  • change tack —    If you change tack, you use a different method for dealing with something.   (Dorking School Dictionary) …   English Idioms & idiomatic expressions

  • Tack (sailing) — Tack is a term used in sailing that has different meanings in different contexts. ailThe tack is the lower corner of the sail s leading edge. On a sloop rigged sailboat, the mainsail tack is connected to the mast and the boom at the gooseneck. On …   Wikipedia

  • tack — I n. short nail 1) a carpet; thumb (AE; BE has drawing pin) tack direction of a sailing ship 2) the port; starboard tack course of action direction 3) to change tack 4) (misc.) to go off on the wrong tack II v. (d; tr.) ( to attach ) to tack onto …   Combinatory dictionary

  • tack — I UK [tæk] / US noun Word forms tack : singular tack plural tacks * 1) a) [countable] a small pointed nail with a flat top a carpet tack b) American a thumbtack 2) [singular] a particular way of doing or achieving something Let s try a different… …   English dictionary

  • tack — 1 noun 1 NAIL (C) a small nail with a sharp point and flat top 2 PIN (C) AmE a short pin with a large round flat top, for fixing notices to boards, walls etc; drawing pin BrE, thumbtack AmE 3 change tack/try a different tack etc to do something… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • change — change1 [ tʃeındʒ ] verb *** ▸ 1 become/make different ▸ 2 start something new ▸ 3 replace someone/something ▸ 4 put on different clothes ▸ 5 get on different vehicle ▸ 6 exchange money ▸ + PHRASES 1. ) intransitive or transitive to become… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • change — 1 /tSeIndZ/ verb 1 BECOME DIFFERENT (I, T) to become different: Susan has changed a lot since I last saw her. | changing circumstances/attitudes etc: Animals must be able to adapt to changing conditions in order to survive. | change out of all… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • change — [[t]tʃe͟ɪnʤ[/t]] ♦ changes, changing, changed 1) N VAR: usu with supp If there is a change in something, it becomes different. → See also sea change The ambassador appealed for a change in US policy... What is needed is a change of attitude on… …   English dictionary

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